11 comments on “Georgian Homestay

    • Thanks Roy. I am working my way through the Georgian beer selection (there’s quite a lot of it) and will send you a round up of the region’s booze at the end of Oct, once I have sampled Azerbaijan and Armenia’s offerings. Off to Azerbaijan tomorrow but imagine being muslim the alcohol range will be rather narrower than Georgias.


      • Nice. Keep me posted, as I can honestly say I know nothing about Georgian beer.

        Have you been to Baku yet? I’ve heard mixed things…


  1. cool to read that nothing had changed with mediko and suliko in the last 12 years!

    stayed at their place back in september 2001… arrived in the evening, met mediko, who told me that her husband was drunk and therefore already sleeping. but, she added, the next evening we could drink together… i had little idea what drinking actually means in that familiy! when we started suliko definitely wasn’t sober, but still he was easily drinking me under the tabel… yeah, and already back then, the horns were suliko’s favourite wine drinking utensils. …still don’t remember how i made it in time / at all to catch the tbilissi bound train. didn’t make the best impression in the train …and for some reason ended up sleeping in the conducter’s compartment who twice tried to empty my moneybelt. i was just too relaxed to get angry about such minor offences and slept till tbilissi… was an awesome night!

    will be in kutaisi again in two weeks time and most likely stay with them again – for a barrel or two 😉

    btw. suliko is the brother of nasi (a retired german teacher) who back then was about the first to run a homestay in tbilissi.

    tom, from austria


    • I suspect there are probably 1000’s of great drinking tales from their place but I got the impression that after all this time his drinking exploits with the guests, when he is capable of showing up, are getting on mediko’s nerves, she must be fed up of his routine to entertain the guests. He seemed to be capable of making more of an effort when young japanese women turn up???? May well be stopping by myself in a week or so. Enjoy your stay


    • Hi sorry for the late reply but had limited internet recently in Myanmar. If you Google gvetadze homestay lonely planet it will give you the address and phone number, but it would be best to get someone who speaks Georgian or Russian to call. I just turned up as there were several dorm beds


  2. I have spent alltogther 3 weeks on four visits at this homestay, and it is now my sekund home. Nest wedensday I have invited the family on a 60 yers party.


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