3 comments on “Turkmenistan: a tale of two presidents

  1. Dear Graham, you write so well about such important topics. It’s good to read news that I feel I can trust, knowing you and your levels of integrity. A strange link perhaps, but I was last night enjoying the motor-mouth of Henry Rollins. What you have in common with Rollins is the need to get out there and report back, to tell it like you see it, and not to accept the media filters through which more stay-at-home people around the world have to try to work out the world. He is the best positive advert for ADHD I’ve ever seen (and is in fact a Ritalin survivor) – he just doesn’t sit still but he channels his energy well.
    Best wishes, keep on traveling and writing,



    • Thanks Martin, I appreciate your encouragement. Am a fan of Rollins as well and it was great to hear his experiences of less popular destinations, some of which I was familiar with, he certainly kept me totally engaged for the best part of 2 hours.


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