7 comments on “China vs Tajikistan: the toilet design challenge

  1. At long last, the next thought-provoking installment in the All I Need To Know About Toilets I Learned In Asia series 😀

    Well have to say I’m quite surprised and even a tad disappointed to see that the Chinese don’t extend their beloved practice of feng shui into the bathrooms of the countryside. What a shame… However I do love the one with single channel waste removal and formal hierarchy to the seating arrangements. Feels so…Romanesque


    • I am sure you are right and I am looking forward to some first hand Indian toilet experience, hopefully next year. If you have any other recommendations i will put them on my itinerary, who needs five star beach resorts when this level of cultural interaction is on offer.


      • Damn, I had a few that needed your review but can’t find the pics right now. One was a hole in the ground completely open to the street, another was a rickety walkway backing up to a sewage pond, you lean your ass precariously over the pit and go for distance… Air drying at it’s best!


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