5 comments on “Soul of the city: Astana, Kazakhstan

  1. Fantastic read! I have literally been sitting here for five minutes typing-deleting-retyping this comment, trying to come up with a response that is as eloquent and vivid as your article but alas, words fail me this morning. As such let me just sum up all the emotions and thoughts this post has evoked with these simple 3-2/3 words: well done ol’ chap!


      • Sadly I do not, just look at my perfectly aligned teeth 😉 However as a polished and practiced traveler my repertoire is as diverse and as varied as the sushi sampler I had for dinner earlier tonight. I find that I’ve picked up sayings, words and mannerisms from all over the globe. That and more times than not I find myself hesitant to admit this O- blood of mine is also A+…American-positive. (Or maybe A- given my disdain for the course America is on and propensity for making fun of the country and it’s stereotypical inhabitants.) Speaking as I do it’s not often that I get pegged as an American. But alas, although I’m chock full of European blood I don’t think there is any English blood in me.


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