2 comments on “Inspiration for travel bloggers

  1. I just came across your blog today and its all incredibly well written. I started with your top ten bathroom posts and fortunately ended up here. Martha’s post was great, thanks for bringing attention to it.

    I’ve just begun a blog and all it’s really been for me is a way to share funny experiences I’ve had with my friends. But I really like how you tackle real issues and manage to infuse it all with humor.

    Are there other bloggers out there with similar style that you’d recommend? I’ve only started to get my feet wet with this travel blogger stuff and I’m trying to immerse myself more.


    • Hi nick, many thanks for your kind words. I have to say that i have really struggled to find similar blogs and i am rather mystified about the lack of humour in travel blogging so was glad to read a few of your posts, i like your honesty. I’d check out a blog called theepowerofgood on WordPress which has some amusing observations on life in Vietnam (not been going long but they are a nice view of everyday life) but can’t find anyone who makes humor a central feature or serious subjects for that matter. If you find anyone pls let me know. I wish i had some clear advice to offer but I have never really analysed my humour, although the boring answer is that the more i have written the more happy i have been with the results. You seem to have got off to a good start and it’s better to write from your heart rather than sounding contrived. I suppose a careful choice of words is important to sound funny, in the right context some words just sound more amusing than others, particularly if it’s a bit surprising or unusual. We seem to have a different style so what may work for me may not work for but practice makes perfect as with anything. I look forward to reading your efforts so by all means stay in touch. Cheers graham


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