7 comments on “Indonesia on wheels

  1. Yes, these are some of the staples of transportation in Indonesia. You missed a few, of course, but this is coming from someone who spent a year traveling the country — I had plenty of time to witness all the offbeat forms of wheeled devices scattered around the country, many of which are regional and can be found only in one particular city or island. Shame I can’t upload photos into this comment, to add on to what you’ve written. However I must say my favorite of all time is the small four-person children’s Ferris wheel which was itself on wheeled-pedaled cart, much like some of the last couple photos you posted. They also have their own form of tuk-tuks or rickshaws known as bajaj, but these can only be found in Jakarta. Oh I could ramble on here forever but I won’t…my only point is once again, well done my friend! It is always a joy reading your posts 🙂


    • Many thanks Derek. I knew i could only give a flavour of things and also as usual i didn’t always take pictures of things when i should have. I often get an idea for a blog part way through a country and then am franticly looking for photo ops i need for it.


      • I find myself in similar situations all the time. Sometimes inspiration just strikes you on a whim. And other times you have to wait until you are safely out of the country to truly speak your mind 😉


      • Absolutely. As I’ve got a little post on indonesian toilets coming up i ought to ask on the off chance if you have got any photos of any suitable examples. I know most decent people dont photo toilets but i thought it was worth asking


    • I guess I should take it as a compliment that you consider me a decent person but I’m going to shatter that perception right now by saying yes, I do take toilet shots all the time — both lavish and appalling. However I don’t do the exterior ones as you have in the past but rather full on money shots. Will dig them out off the hard drive and email you some of the more, shall we just say ‘intriguing’ ones within the next couple days.


      • In my book decent people spend a bit too long hanging round strange foreign toilets and take photos of them so you’re cool. Interiors are good, its more a question of having something to comment on. Looking fwd to the intriguing ones, thanks


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