6 comments on “The torture never stops

    • Hi sorry for taking a while to respond you somehow got lost on my things to do list. Thank you for the nomination but looking at the rules I have more than 200 followers so that would disqualify me. Really appreciate your support.


  1. Such vivid imagery I almost feel as though I was there with you. Attending a cockfight is still on my bucket list. I tried to go to one in Costa Rica many years ago but the locals weren’t too keen on having a white guy with a camera in the audience.


    • Cheers Derek. Guess they thought you might be some do good animal rights person. They seemed happy to have me there but i did laugh and cheer at the appropriate points. It was funny in a tragic kind of way when one was bashing the others head against the wall. Sure you shouldn’t have too much problem finding a fight in south asia. BTW did you have any luck with some toilet pics?


      • Will plug in my hard drive and do that right now Graham. Your “new post” email reminded me that I still need to do this. My apologies for the delay but 110% of my focus has been in preparing for my impending Rickshaw Run. It is crazy expensive — much more than I currently have — and as such I’m also on a massive money hunt, from picking up new clients to even starting a fundraiser that will hopefully provide the necessary funds for expenses on the road and the additional tech gear required to document the RR in all it’s maddening glory. Had a 4hr Skype meeting this morning with my partner (the first of many) trying to get everything in place. Give me 10-15 mins and I’ll send the photos your way.


      • Hey really appreciate you finding the time, pls don’t feel you have to put too much time into it as i know how busy you are. Good luck for all the preparations for the run, i bet it will be worth the effort, its going to be wild.


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