11 comments on “Thailand: who’s smiling now?

  1. All so true. Yet another phenomenal posts from one of my top three favorite blogs of all time. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: you good sir are a badass. So glad we had a few days to spend together in KL and cheers to crossing paths again in some other country 🙂


    • I like the sound of Sir Badass. Sure our paths will cross at some point. When does your rickshaw ride finish as I am off to Bangladesh tomorrow so will be in the region at least. Big thanks


      • We’ll be done and in Shillong by April 18th — how long will you be around Bangladesh, have any firm dates? If a land crossing into B is easy, I’d like to do that while I’m in the region.


      • If i can get an Indian visa i will be in Assam early April so will be waiting for you at the finish line. I gather getting visas in Bangladesh can be a bit of a nightmare so i won’t make a definite promise until ive got the stamp in my passport. Will let you know


  2. Coup review:
    I was in Thailand at the very beginning of the 2014 coup and it was a uniquely Thai affair. Hand to God, the damn thing was catered. Volunteers set up big stalls to feed the protesters because no one wants to dissolve a government and establish a military junta on an empty stomach.
    Pros: Tourist attractions delightfully free of tourists.
    Cons: Couldn’t wear any of my red or yellow clothes. Road blocks.

    Verdict: Would visit again.


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