6 comments on “Big up Bangladesh

  1. Thanks for this post – I’m an Irish/Australian moving to Dhaka at the end of August (I’m living in Viet Nam now) and it has been a little difficult to find many first hand accounts of migrants/tourists living in or visiting Bangladesh.

    When I told friends and family that I was moving to Viet Nam, people starting coming out of the woodwork wanting to come visit. Completely different story with Bangladesh; most of my feedback is that it isn’t really a tourist destination…

    Looking forward to more.


    • Many thanks. Well it certainly isnt a typical tourist destination but that is part of its appeal, while I loved it I realise that it would probably send some people home screaming. The important thing as I have pointed out is the people and I have no doubt you will be made to feel very welcome. Whilst you can always retreat to the comfort of the expat community whenever it gets too much I do urge you to out there and meet people. You will find plenty of students eager to speak english, also it will give you the chance of visiting their home towns, as you will certainly need a rest from Dhaka once in a while. Do learn some basic bengali as it will be greatly appreciated. Good luck with the move

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      • The people are always the best thing about a country. I’m really looking forward to getting there and starting work.

        I think learning the language of the country is a must. It opens up the country up to you and you up to it. Though I don’t imagine that Bangali will be any easier that Vietnamese to learn (I should have appreciated living in nice and easy French-speaking Geneva when I had the chance.)

        Enjoy your continuing journeys!


      • Glad you share my thoughts on language, I am amazed by how lazy most travellers are, few can be bothered even learning some basics. From what I know about Vietnamese, which is all secondhand info admittedly, I think you will find Bengali easier as its not tonal. It has links to persian which is Indo European so I dont think you will find it too alien. I use Memrise for introduction language courses pretty much everywhere I go, if you havnt heard about it I would have a look at it. I really enjoyed the few posts I checked out on your blog, there seem to be so few bloggers who look at everyday culture – a refreshing change.


      • Well, I suppose that travellers are one thing, but if you are committing to living in a country you should actually live there – not just the expat bubble.

        The Vietnamese language has been hugely difficult for me. My Vietnamese teacher would almost stick his fingers in my mouth to show me were to put my tongue to make the correct sound (as it is a tonal language, so if you mix up the tone the word changes; ie the word for Pomelo/Grapefruit becomes Penis…) So many mistakes, so many laughs.

        This is my first time blogging and I started because I find Vietnamese culture/lifestyle/people completely fascinating and confusing and this blog is kind of a way to organise and figure out what is happening around me. It is also nice to write something different to my work (which can be pretty intense). It has been enjoyable so far, I think I’ll keep it up in Bangladesh.

        I like your blog also, it is nice when people aren’t afraid to get sticky when they travel.


      • Dont think you will struggle to find things to write about in Bangladesh. There’s no shortage of working ex pats who put little effort into the language as well unfortunately so I admire your efforts with vietnamese. Keep up the good work with the blog

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