2 comments on “What we dont know about Ukraine…… or anything

  1. You know that second-to-last paragraph reminded me of the term “economic hitman.” In recent decades the States and other European leaders have found that it’s easier to plunder a country by making their economy their greatest weakness, then coming in and taking it over in the name of “helping”, rather than leaving countless bodies in their wake.

    On one hand, some might applaud this level of initiative as “life-saving AND profit-generating” — mostly those doing it, trying to justify their actions either to themselves or whatever misguided deity they call God so that they can sleep at night (because we all know sleeping on a pile of money isn’t as comfortable as it sounds) — however on the other hand, just because those Western forces at play behind the scenes don’t have to fear any repercussions of their economical and political meddling, that doesn’t mean millions of other innocent people don’t. But oh wait silly me, I forgot that they aren’t real people in the eyes of the Western media and politicians. They are simply numbers that can be skewed and presented anyway necessary to aid their ultimate cause…their bank account. Of course it sounds better when they say it’s all in the name of democracy and “freedom for the people of _________.”


    • Spot on Derek. I would add that it’s often an easy sell to a country because the elite know they will benefit financially and the people have been fed the lie of the neo liberal economic dream by uncritical media and glittering images of the western life, so think they will be better off as well


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