7 comments on “Egyptian sex and the city

    • Thanks, just made a couple of additions that I forgot about on secret marriages (you might find the link worth reading) and fgm but sure you’ve read quite enough about that already – couldnt really ignore it as its so common here. I thought you said were going to Bangladesh?


      • I attended a very interesting lecture where a woman’s medical and human rights worker who engages communities said that a more helpful term is Female Genital Cutting, as many women dislike having their bodies described as being ‘mutilated.’ I can see their point, I don’t suppose I would like my body to called mutilated by strangers. These women have the right to describe themselves anyway they choose.

        Well remembered about my position in Dhaka, but it has been called off due to Daesh (apparently) and warring politics parties…

        There have been bombings, shootings, stabbings, hartals (strikes and transport stoppages), etc. over the years. I was still very keen to go but about a week before I was flying out an Italian man was shot dead a couple of metres down from the Australian Embassy in Dhaka and the next day a Japanese guy was gunned down too. Daesh claimed responsibility, but they’ll claim responsibility for anything that goes wrong in an Islamic country, so you only half believe them.

        Expats in Bangladesh had been living with heightened security measures for nearly a year – could only travel to secure locations in a private car, no leaving your house unless necessary, the embassies and country clubs won’t allow non-nationals to enter, the list goes on. Then the people responsible for the safety of Australians living overseas did more security assessments, taking the pulse of the nation, and decided that Bangladesh isn’t going to become more secure any time soon. Most of Australian aid was evac’d out by 31 Dec 2015.

        Not very sure where I’m going next. It’s all been quite demoralising.


      • Good point re cutting, I am familiar with the term but it didnt come to mind as once I’d pressed publish I realised I had forgotten to mention the subject so hurriedly corrected it without thinking about anything else I should say – will stick in a note. FGM still seems to be the most widely used term and I guess it will be for a while yet anyway. I had pretty much guessed that the situation in Bangladesh was the reason why you hadn’t gone. Alas with the increasingly dictatorial govt I dont see much hope for things improving as they are more intent on blaming the opposition for everything than actually doing anything positive. The way they handled the civil war crimes cases in recent years was almost certainly a big factor in the current terrorism.
        Hope you are not getting too despondent but wherever they send you I am looking forward to your insight. Your well observed glimpses into the culture are sadly lacking in the travel blogging world – keep up the great work


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