4 comments on “The hand painted, shop art of Somaliland

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  2. I really want to visit Somalia but seems like Somaliland might be a better first stop. Also curious about subag qubo but not because of its purported ability as a aphrodisiac. In fact I’m quite convinced that calling something an aphrodisiac is purely a way to market a taboo or disgusting item that no sane person would ever normally be interested in, like cobra blood or rhino horn. However I’ve had turtle before and it is delicious. Therefore I would assume turtle butter to be quite tasty as well. But if that is the case, why market it as an aphrodisiac instead of just saying it’s f’n delicious? Is it used as a butter-type spread or ingested in small amounts like taking a shot? Oh wow I do hope a Somali reader stumbles upon your blog mate but think there is a better chance that I will make it to Somaliland before that happens 😉


    • Sex always sells and has done so a long time before modern advertising cane along. Until a Somali comes along for us I am afraid we are stuck with my speculation based on limited evidence as I didn’t look into it at the time. It’s definitely more of a traveller’s destination than a tourist one as there’s not a lot to see but the people are friendly and helpful, with English being widely spoken so plenty of opportunity to chat and chew chat.


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