5 comments on “Thank God for the kids

  1. Dear Graham, thanks for this positive post! As a teacher in an international school it struck a chord. I confirm there are many wonderful young people who understand there is a bunch of problems to tackle, and many of these people are aiming to contribute to the solutions. Of course, I see mostly the children of richer families (it’s a private school and quite expensive) but that makes no difference, or even one could say makes it more important to instill a sense of responsibility in these young people who will go on to work in powerful positions. The main message underlying my teaching is kindness, and unconditional positive regard (aka love!), but also the courage to see the problems we collectively face and speak truth to power. Your blogs always support this conviction, so thank you again! Cheers, Martin. Best wishes from Berlin – come visit us some time!


    • Thanks Martin, it’s good to know that someone else has had a similar experience with young people from around the world. If anything your more privileged lot are going to be in a position to influence the establishment of the future so anything you do to point them in the right direction is hugely valuable but the fact they are starting from a good base gives me the hope that inspired me to write the piece.


  2. I’ll be honest: I hate children. I never want to be a father. But I enjoy meeting kids while traveling (just no desire to have my own, see that’s the difference between kids and children) because more times than not, despite their circumstances or misfortunes or struggles, the youth of these random and often troubled countries are quicker to smile than youngsters back from the UK or the States or any other Western country. The world cannot get these kids down. And for that I have hope for the future, despite the orangutan that has shockingly come to power. I just don’t want to ever have to be responsible for one of them lil bastards lol


    • Ha ha. I’ve no urge to have the things either. I was more taking about young people for the inspiration bit. Not sure if you can use kids to mean both children and young people in US English like we do.
      You seem to be pretty busy, is the drone working again after its swimming lesson?


      • Nope, sent it from Thailand (where the crash occurred) to the USA (where I bought it) so they can send it back to China for refurbishing….unless they have a repair facility in the States. Guess it all depends whether labor is cheaper than shipping. I do have a second drone, but that one is an older model and not as nimble.

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